Building A Smart Restaurant: Bar Design

Whether building an entirely new restaurant or re-envisioning an existing establishment, to create a great restaurant design, every element must be considered at virtually the same time. What comes first, the kitchen, bar or seating area? How will these main components interact without competing against each other? Since a full-service bar is situated within the seating space, its location, functionality and construction is key to a smooth service flow.


Since alcohol service is a huge revenue source, it’s tempting to want to place the bar near the front of the house where new patrons have the easiest access. They can take a seat at the bar while awaiting their tables, making foyer seating pay for itself. However, if your restaurant is going to be large, the distance between the bar and the back tables may put a strain on your wait staff. Plus, the opportunity for tray spills increases with distance. Placing the bar in a central location with an accommodating pathway from the entrance might offer the best of both worlds in a spacious building.

For those smaller establishments, the bar will probably be placed against a side or back wall by necessity. The idea, then, is to plan the bar itself for the most efficient use by both the bartender and wait staff, while keeping any available seating comfortable for guests.


An experienced bartender can tell you the best way to arrange the bar equipment and stock. Any design should begin with the input of those who can envision a packed house and non-stop multiple drink orders. With a consultant’s help, you can determine where to place the coolers, well, kegs, taps, ice, glasses, sinks, blenders and all of the necessary accouterments for creating a workstation that will allow the bartender to quickly pour libations with a minimum of effort.

Also, keep in mind how the duties of the wait staff will mesh with both the bartender and the patrons filling your coffers at the bar. A bar design that keeps the staff swiftly moving along and the patrons happy in place should be your goal.


Many general contractors would jump on the opportunity to build your project, but hiring a company with vast experience in restaurant construction makes much more sense. Your livelihood depends on a restaurant that operates like a well-oiled machine, and even the smallest detail missed or poorly-built can be like a screwdriver jammed in the gears.

econstruct, Inc., specializes in restaurant construction. With 30 years of experience, econstruct knows how to take you from the pre-drawn concept through the architectural design, construction planning and finishing touches to make your dream come true. Our innovative project management system keeps you in the loop at every step of the way every single day.

Whether you are starting a new restaurant with bar service, a bar with restaurant service or plan to remodel an existing business, contact us first. By calling econstruct, Inc., you’ll save yourself from having to educate your builder in the specifics of restaurant and bar design. Because we see bars as a focal point, not an afterthought, we’re already on the same page.