Transforming LA Spaces Through Stunning Interior Design

econstruct, Inc., is a premier Design-Build company that emphasizes Design-Build strategies for both commercial and high-end residential projects. With an illustrious history of employing the finest Design-Build approach, econstruct has cemented its position in California as the go-to for clients seeking exceptional Design-Build solutions.

Our core principle is a fervent commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We make it our mission to ensure that every Design-Build project we undertake not only meets but exceeds industry standards, all the while staying within budget and timeline constraints. Collaborating with the most sought-after LA designers, our team prioritizes understanding each client’s distinctive aspirations. This tailored, customer-focused Design-Build methodology has allowed econstruct to forge deep, lasting relationships with clients who return to us time and again.

No Design-Build challenge is too vast or intricate for econstruct. Whether a sprawling commercial venture or a custom residential masterpiece, we are fully equipped in Design-Build acumen to achieve unparalleled results. Upholding pillars of quality, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction, our iron-clad dedication is to go above and beyond in translating your vision into reality.

Our Interior Design Services

Concept Development

We collaborate to shape the creative vision and mood for your space.

Space Planning

We optimize layout and flow to enhance your environment's functionality.

Finishes Selection

We specify flooring, paint, lighting, fabrics that align with your brand.

Furnishing Specs -

We select furnishings that are visually striking, durable, and practical.

Millwork Design

We incorporate custom cabinetry, displays, and architectural details.

Signage and Art

We incorporate visual elements to reinforce branding and identity.

Trust LA’s premier interior design team to create an environment that woos your audience. Contact econstruct today.