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Architectural Design Services

Why Choose econstruct for Architectural Design

At econstruct, we believe that exceptional architecture is the foundation of a successful building project. Our team of partner architects and designers is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, combining technical expertise with a passion for creating spaces that inspire. Here’s why partnering with us makes a difference:
  • Proven Experience You Can Build On: With decades of combined partner experience and a diverse portfolio of successful Los Angeles projects, we have the knowledge and track record to tackle any architectural challenge. From high-end residences to innovative commercial spaces, we understand the nuances of designing for the LA landscape.

  • A Collaborative Approach Centered on Your Vision: We see you as our partner in the design process. Our approach prioritizes open communication, actively incorporating your input and ideas from the initial concept through to the final details. Your goals, aesthetic preferences, and functional needs are the guiding force behind every design decision.

  • Streamlining a Complex Process: Architectural design involves a multitude of details, codes, and potential hurdles. Our expertise in navigating the complexities ensures a smooth and efficient experience. We’ll handle everything from conceptual sketches to the complete permit-ready drawing package, saving you time, minimizing stress, and ensuring your project stays on track.

  • Where Innovation Meets Practicality: We believe great design balances beauty with functionality. Our team excels at translating your vision into a space that’s both visually stunning and perfectly suited to its intended purpose. We consider factors like flow, natural light, sustainability, and the overall user experience.

  • The econstruct Difference: Building Excellence from the Ground Up: Our commitment to quality extends beyond our partner architectural services. We understand that your design is the blueprint for your entire construction project. Our integrated approach allows for seamless collaboration between our architects and construction teams, ensuring a smooth transition from design to reality.

Ready to see your architectural dreams take shape? Contact us today to discover how econstruct can elevate your project.

3d Render Of Project

Our Architectural Design Services

Our full suite of offerings includes:

  • 01 Conceptual Design
    We collaborate with clients to shape abstract ideas into practical designs considering budget, aesthetics, and function.

  • 02 2D Drafting
    We craft meticulous 2D architectural plans encompassing floorplans, elevations, sections, details.

  • 03 3D Renderings
    We use cutting-edge software to create immersive 3D renderings bringing your space to life visually.

  • 04 Permit Drawings
    We ensure all required drawings, specs, calculations, and documents are permit-ready for your jurisdiction.

With decades of experience and hundreds of projects delivered, econstruct has built a reputation for architectural mastery. Contact us today to start your next project.

The econstruct Advantage: Your Partner in Building Excellence

When you choose econstruct for your architectural design, you gain more than just a set of blueprints. You gain a team that understands the unique opportunities and challenges of building in Los Angeles. Here’s how this translates into a successful project:

  • Los Angeles Design Experts: Our in-depth knowledge of local building codes, zoning regulations, and the ever-evolving LA design landscape streamlines the process. We anticipate potential hurdles, proactively address requirements, and ensure your design aligns perfectly with city guidelines, saving you time and preventing costly delays.


  • Proven Success in Your City: With 100’s projects completed, we’ve built a reputation for architectural excellence across Los Angeles. This track record speaks to our ability to consistently deliver designs that meet client expectations, adhere to local standards, and stand the test of time.

  • Building More Than Structures, Building Relationships: We’re invested in the long-term success of our clients. Our collaborative approach fosters strong working relationships built on trust and open communication. This foundation ensures a smooth design journey and sets the stage for a seamless construction phase.

  • Inspired Designs Rooted in Functionality: We believe that great architecture goes beyond aesthetics. Our goal is to create spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. We infuse your vision with practicality, considering user experience, sustainability, and the long-term needs of your project.

  • The Power of Integration: As a full-service design-build firm, econstruct offers the advantage of a streamlined approach. Our partner architects collaborate closely with our construction teams, ensuring a seamless transition from design to execution. This minimizes miscommunications, speeds up project timelines, and ensures your vision is realized exactly as intended.

Experience the econstruct Advantage. Let’s transform your architectural vision into a Los Angeles success story!

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