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Unlocking the Potential of Your Hillside Property

Los Angeles’ unique landscape offers breathtaking hillside views, but accessing these elevated properties can be a challenge. econstruct specializes in custom hillside lift design and construction, providing safe, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing solutions to transform your hillside home into an oasis of accessibility and convenience.

Featured Project - Saddlebow

Why Choose econstruct for Your Hillside Lift?

  • Engineering Excellence:
    Our vendor partner meticulously designs each hillside lift system, ensuring it meets or exceeds State & National safety standards while seamlessly integrating with your property’s unique landscape.
  • Custom Manufacturing: 
    We understand that each hillside topography & terrain is different, and so are your needs. Our lift systems are custom-manufactured to fit your property’s character and your desired aesthetic.
  • Precise Installation: 
    We handle every detail of the installation process, ensuring your lift system is installed correctly and operates safely and efficiently.
  • Ongoing Support: 
    Our vendor offers comprehensive maintenance and service plans to keep your hillside lift functioning smoothly for years to come.

Saddlebow Residential Lift Project

This extensive project involved constructing a hillside lift to connect a home’s rear deck to an extended backyard area 125 feet down the sloped hillside lot. Our team engineered reinforced concrete take-off and landing pads along with bench seating on the lift platform.

Our Hillside Lift Construction Process

  1. Consultation & Site Assessment: 
    We’ll visit your property to evaluate the terrain, discuss your needs and preferences, and determine the ideal lift system for your situation.

  2. Custom Design & Engineering: 
    Our vendor & design team will create a detailed design tailored to your property, including specifications for the track, car, and drive system.

  3. Permitting & Approvals: 
    We’ll handle all necessary permitting and approvals with city & County, ensuring your project complies with local regulations.

  4. Manufacturing & Installation: 
    Your custom hillside lift will be manufactured with precision and installed by our expert team.

  5. Testing & Commissioning: 
    We’ll thoroughly test your lift system to ensure it meets all QA, safety and performance standards.

  6. Ongoing Maintenance & Support: 
    We offer comprehensive maintenance and service plans to keep your lift operating at peak performance.

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