Lease Negotiation Los Angeles: Secure the Best Deal for Your Business

Signing a commercial lease in Los Angeles is a major milestone, but it shouldn’t feel like a gamble. The terms of your lease will directly impact your business’s profitability, flexibility, and long-term success. Landlords and property management companies have experienced negotiators on their side. Shouldn’t you?

At econstruct, we’ve witnessed the thrill of business owners finding that perfect space, but also the potential pitfalls hidden within seemingly standard contracts. Our years of commercial construction experience give us a unique perspective. Let us empower you to negotiate with confidence and achieve terms that protect your interests and your bottom line.

The econstruct Difference: We See What Others Might Miss

Our construction background is your secret weapon during negotiations. Here’s the difference we bring to the table:

Costly Surprises? Not On Our Watch:

We estimate the true cost of bringing the space up to code and your requirements. This prevents getting hit with budget-busting expenses after you've signed the lease.

The Fine Print Speaks to Us:

We'll analyze the lease for potential pitfalls, from restrictive use clauses to vague language that could be used against you, when it comes to any work outside your leased space.

Technical Know-How:

We understand permits, grease interceptors requirements, ADA compliance – stuff that impacts your ability to operate the business you envision.

Your Lease Negotiation Partner

Having econstruct involved with your lease negotiation is an invaluable investment in your business’s future. We’ll provide insight that levels the playing field with respect to costs & realistic construction timelines:

  • Lease Review:
    We’ll dissect the agreement, identifying red flags and areas for favorable renegotiation.
  • Cost Projections:
    Our construction expertise lets us provide ballpark estimates for necessary upgrades or modifications, including potential utilities upgrades.
  • Proactive Negotiation Strategy:
    We’ll help you understand your leverage and prioritize the points that matter most to your bottom line.

7 Common Lease Negotiation Dangers

  1. Rushing the Timeline:
    Allow ample time for lease negotiation, due diligence, design, permitting, and construction. A rushed process can lead to costly mistakes and missed opportunities for favorable terms.
  2. Insufficient Planning:
    Your lease should reflect how you want to do business, not the other way around. Consider your space needs, specialized requirements, budget, growth potential, and visibility, and brand image.
  3. Lack of Representation:
    Commercial leases are complex. Therefore, we strongly recommend you have an experienced commercial real estate lawyer or a tenant broker representative who can protect your interests and ensure you get the best possible deal.
  4. Skipping Due Diligence:
    Thoroughly investigate the property’s zoning, legal status, and physical condition. Confirm the square footage of the space you are interested in to avoid unexpected costs.
  5. Misunderstanding Key Provisions:
    Terms like “rent calculation,” “security deposit,” NNN, and “improvements and alterations” can be confusing. Ensure you fully understand the financial implications of these provisions.
  6. Not Focusing on Business Needs:
    Rent is just one factor. Negotiate other crucial issues like relocation rights, subletting options, expansion possibilities, your rights with future tenants moving into the center that will directly compete with you, and termination clauses.
  7. Underestimating Your Leverage:
    Market conditions and the landlord’s vacancy rate and multitude of other factors can give you more negotiating power than you realize. Leverage this to secure concessions like favorable free rent, discounted rent, or Tenant improvement credits.

The Power of Informed Decisions

With econstruct by your side, you’ll enter lease negotiations armed with knowledge. We can help you make confident choices that align with your business goals.

Ready to Secure Your Best Deal?

Don’t gamble with your LA commercial lease. econstruct utilize our vast knowledge and experience, and let’s negotiate a future where your space works for you, not against you.

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Remember: Lease negotiations are crucial to your business’s future. Make informed decisions with econstruct’s help!

Negotiate Your Lease with Confidence