Case Study - Hutchinson Cocktails & Grill - Reimagining Historical Elegance

Hutchinson Cocktails & Grill, a vision brought to life in the heart of Los Angeles by Creekstone Partners, stands as a prime example of the expertise of restaurant contractors in Los Angeles. This upscale Indonesian Steakhouse & Bar, constructed by the renowned econstruct team, showcases the harmonious blend of modern design and old Hollywood charm.


As leading restaurant contractors in Los Angeles, econstruct was tasked with creating a space that radiated with a luminous, free-flowing interior. The design featured elements like exposed brick, vintage mirrors, and art deco lighting, all hallmarks of classic LA elegance.

Challenges Faced

Inheriting this ambitious project, the team faced several challenges typical in the restaurant construction industry in Los Angeles. These included cost overruns, project delays, poor supervision, subpar performance by subcontractors, and issues of overbillings, before econstruct was tasked to take over the project. Such challenges were critical roadblocks, threatening the project’s success.

Strategies Implemented

To counter these issues, econstruct team rolled up its sleeves and started with auditing all previous work performed by subcontractors as well as their billings. They also brought in an industry veteran architect to help with redesign all new décor and MEP plans for submittal to LADBS and Health Department. In short order, they implemented a multifaceted strategy:

Before & After Photos

Results Achieved

The implementation of focused strategies resulted in a significant turnaround. Before econstruct’s involvement, about 25% of the project was completed at a cost of roughly $1.1 million. Under econstruct’s management, the remaining portion of the project was completed with an expenditure of $850,000. The timeline before econstruct was involved stretched close to 12 months, but after their takeover, the project was finished in just 8 months. This efficient and budget-conscious completion of Hutchinson Cocktails & Grill has reinforced econstruct’s status as a top-notch restaurant contractor in Los Angeles. The establishment now exemplifies elegance and quality in the LA dining landscape.


The journey of Hutchinson Cocktails & Grill exemplifies the resilience and expertise of Los Angeles restaurant contractors in overcoming complex challenges. This project serves as a benchmark in restaurant construction, showcasing how vision, when executed with precision, competence and care, can transform into an exceptional dining experience.

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