Restaurant Construction Los Angeles: Case Study 800° Degrees Pizzeria

Restaurant Construction Los Angeles: Case Study 800° Degrees Pizzeria

In the bustling heart of Hollywood, a unique collaboration between econstruct and Chef Anthony Carron has set a new standard for restaurant construction in Los Angeles. This partnership has birthed the iconic 800° Degrees Pizzeria, a testament to the fusion of culinary artistry and construction prowess. This blog post delves into the journey of transforming a vision into a tangible, gastronomic reality, showcasing why econstruct is a leader among commercial restaurant contractors in Los Angeles.

Conceptualization and Design
The project commenced with an innovative blueprint designed to embody Chef Carron’s vision of a woodfired eatery. In collaboration with Ralph Gentile Architects, econstruct crafted a design centered around the hearth, the restaurant’s beating heart. This design featured dual wood-burning ovens, a charcoal grill, and a rotisserie, setting the stage for an immersive culinary experience.

Construction Expertise
econstruct role as premier restaurant contractors in Los Angeles was fully realized in the execution of this ambitious project. Occupying a 4000 square foot space within the Sunset + Vine Apartment complex, the installation of custom millwork and Italian marble flooring, demanded precision and dedication to meet Chef Carron’s exacting standards.

Custom Millwork and Design
The attention to detail in the pizzeria’s ambiance is a reflection of the culinary precision Chef Carron is known for. econstruct’s skilled millworkers crafted cabinetry and bar tops from reclaimed whiskey barrel oak, adding a rustic yet sophisticated touch to the space. The hand-painted murals and exposed wood finishes contribute to an atmosphere that is both inviting and authentic.

Equipment Sourcing and Installation
Ensuring the functionality matched the aesthetic, econstruct sourced and installed top-tier equipment, from the imported Italian wood-burning ovens to back-painted glass drink displays. This meticulous attention to detail ensured that the operational aspects of the restaurant seamlessly supported the culinary team’s needs.

Chef Anthony Carron’s Vision
800° Degrees Pizzeria stands as a beacon of Chef Carron’s commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation in woodfired Neapolitan pizza. The restaurant’s success is a direct result of his vision for a dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary, offering patrons a taste of global culinary excellence.

Environmental Sustainability
Beyond its culinary achievements, 800° Degrees Pizzeria, in partnership with econstruct, embraces a commitment to environmental sustainability. Through its collaboration with the National Forest Foundation, the restaurant pledges to more trees than we consume, reinforcing its dedication to reforestation and ecological responsibility.

The creation of 800° Degrees Pizzeria is a prime example of how specialized restaurant construction, like that offered by econstruct, can bring a vision to life. This project exemplifies the synergy between construction expertise and culinary artistry, resulting in a Hollywood landmark that delights the senses and champions sustainability. As leaders in commercial restaurant construction in Los Angeles, econstruct continues to redefine the standards of building great restaurants, proving that with the right partnership, the possibilities are limitless.