Case Study: Transforming 800° Degrees Pizzeria into a Culinary Masterpiece

800° Degrees Pizzeria

In the heart of Los Angeles, econstruct, with over 50 years of joint partner expertise, took on the ambitious task of transforming Chef Anthony Carron’s vision into reality. The collaboration resulted in the iconic 800° Degrees Pizzeria, a culinary haven in Hollywood known for its innovative woodfired cuisine.

Project Execution:

1. Conceptualization and Design:
econstruct partnered with Ralph Gentile Architects to bring this masterpiece to life, aligning with Chef Carron’s vision for a woodfired eatery. The design emphasized the hearth as a focal point, housing dual wood-burning ovens, a charcoal grill, and a rotisserie.

2. Construction Expertise:
As premier restaurant contractors, econstruct  executed a comprehensive construction plan to occupy approximately 4000 square feet retail space in the Sunset + Vine Apartment development. This challenging initiative involved retrofitting an elaborate HVAC system extending four stories to the rooftop, custom millwork, and sourcing top-tier Italian marble flooring, all aligned with Chef Carron’s exact specifications.

3. Custom Millwork and Design:
econstruct millworkers crafted custom cabinetry and bar tops from reclaimed whiskey barrel oak, contributing to the rustic yet urban ambiance. Every detail, from the exposed woods to hand-painted murals, mirrored the precision of the cuisine.

4. Equipment Sourcing and Installation:
The team sourced and installed state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring it met the chef’s requirements. The attention to detail extended to even the smallest elements, such as back-painted glass drink displays.

Chef Anthony Carron's Vision:

Chef Carron’s commitment to quality and integrity in both food and ambiance is evident in every aspect of 800° Degrees Pizzeria. The restaurant stands as a testament to his globally acclaimed culinary talent and innovative approach to woodfired Neapolitan pizza baking.

Environmental Sustainability:

Beyond culinary excellence, 800° Degrees Pizzeria, in partnership with econstruct, embraces environmental responsibility. As a proud partner of the National Forest Foundation, the restaurant pledges to plant at least one tree a day per domestic location, contributing to reforestation and sustainability.

Photo Gallery: 800° Degrees Pizzeria Hollywood


800° Degrees Pizzeria  emerged as a culinary masterpiece, showcasing the successful collaboration between culinary artistry, and construction expertise. The restaurant’s ambience, a blend of exposed woods and fire-inspired visuals, complements the precision of Chef Carron’s woodfired cuisine.


econstruct expertise in restaurant construction, paired with Chef Anthony Carron’s culinary vision, has resulted in a Hollywood hotspot that not only delights the palate but also champions environmental sustainability. 800° Degrees Pizzeria  exemplifies the successful marriage of culinary innovation and construction excellence in the vibrant Los Angeles culinary scene.

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