How To Build A Smart, Efficient Restaurant

Designing a building requires exacting architectural skills. Designing a restaurant, however, requires an even more specialized skill set. You want a restaurant that is comfortable, intimate and inviting, and your average architect or contractor just won’t be able to deliver on all three.

Understanding how restaurants function efficiently requires the knowledge of a construction team that has extensive experience in the food service industry. At econstruct, we know what it takes to build smart, efficient restaurants.


As a whole, each space within a restaurant has its own function. The kitchen, bar, patio and dining area each has their own unique challenges. Owners want to maximize each space to its fullest but may not know how to bring the details to life.

Additional elements such as lighting, color scheme and sound also must be considered from a functional and efficiency viewpoint, as well as in terms of the ambiance they provide for patrons. All of the elements must work in harmony with the restaurant’s brand. This is true regardless of whether the owner is planning a full-service dining, a fast-casual restaurant or fast food concept.


Owners need to create an ambiance in the dining areas that works in tandem with the restaurant brand. The interior should always reinforce the brand. At the same time, great consideration must be given to the efficiency of the kitchen and food production areas.

Dining room seating, kitchen flow, equipment placement and the planning of storage spaces are all key components of efficient restaurant design. Additional blogs will delve more deeply into each of these areas.

Suffice it to say, restaurant owners who want to remodel or create a completely new concept need the expertise of an experienced builder who specializes in restaurant design and construction. And that’s where econstruct comes in.


Finding a restaurant design and construction expert can be difficult. Frank Neimroozi and the team at econstruct have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We approach each project with knowledge and finesse, ensuring that the overall design benefits the company, the employees and the patrons.

Our extensive experience allows us to anticipate problems before they arise and plan more efficiently. With econstruct, you not only get years of experience, you also have the skills of a wide range of qualified experts on the team.

A few of the services areas econstruct specializes in include:

  • Location challenges and parking
  • Radius demographics and traffic count reports
  • Gas, water, sewer and power requirements for the proposed site as they relate to the demands of the concept
  • Public restrooms and disabled access (ADA) requirements
  • Optimization of space design
  • Procurement assistance for equipment and furniture
  • Assistance with lease negotiations
  • Expedited plan checks

These are just a few of the services econstruct provides. We also will assist with the overall planning, design and construction of the restaurant concept or renovation. Architects can design and build buildings that meet the needs of businesses and homeowners, but if you want an efficient restaurant design you need someone like econstruct on your team. Schedule your consultation today to get started on your restaurant!