CASE STUDY Industrial & Cafe Construction Services Los Angeles: Elevating 85°C Bakery Cafe Experience

econstruct, at the forefront of Industrial & Bakery Construction Services in Los Angeles,  embarked on an ambitious project with 85°C Bakery Cafe, a global Taiwanese bakery pioneer. Tasked with the expansion of their footprint across the West Coast, we utilized our expertise in bakery construction to create spaces that redefine the bakery cafe experience. This collaboration underscores our capability to deliver specialized industrial and commercial construction solutions that meet the dynamic needs of the global bakery goods manufacturing & retailing.

Project Overview
85°C Bakery Cafe, known for making premium pastry goods accessible, sought to expand its unique bakery cafe concept to the U.S. market. econstruct was chosen for our distinguished Industrial & Food Service Construction capabilities in Los Angeles and our proven track record as a leading Bakery Construction Company. Our mission was to construct & remodel eight distinctive cafes in California and Arizona, alongside a strategic distribution center in Buena Park, CA, to support 85°C’s growing operations.

Challenge and Objectives
The challenge was multifaceted:
To design and construct spaces that captured the essence of 85°C Bakery Cafe culture while ensuring each location was harmoniously integrated into its local community.

Our objectives were clear – to provide bespoke construction solutions that highlighted the brand’s innovative approach to baking and customer service, making each visit an unforgettable experience.

Our strategy exemplified the best of Bakery Contractors in Los Angeles, focusing on custom construction, adaptive to visually impactful décor and high-quality workmanship.

Tailored Design and Construction:
Emphasizing the baking process and customer experience, we assisted the corporate team with feedback on design elements for each  location to showcase the bakery’s heart, aligning with 85°C’s brand character.

Neighborhood-Specific Construction:
From the historic adaptation in Downtown Los Angeles to the modern, glass-fronted cafe in Chandler, Arizona, our approach varied significantly, demonstrating our versatility as a Bakery Construction Company.

High-Quality Equipment Procurement:
We equipped each bakery with top-tier ovens, proofers, and espresso machines, ensuring product excellence and consistency.

Efficient Project Management:
Our expertise in Industrial Construction in Los Angeles ensured that all projects, including the critical distribution center, were completed on time, fully operational, and ready to serve the cafes & the community.


Building the 85C Bakery Empire: A Look Inside the Distribution Center

The successful launch of the cafes and the distribution center is a testament to econstruct’s leadership in Industrial Construction Services in Los Angeles. Each 85°C Bakery Cafe has become a cherished community landmark, celebrated for its unique pastries and cake offerings and inviting atmosphere. Every project not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations, fostering 85°C’s continued growth and popularity across the West Coast.

The partnership between econstruct and 85°C Bakery Cafe highlights our dedication to delivering exceptional industrial construction services. By understanding and aligning with our client’s vision, we were able to create spaces that perfectly encapsulate the 85°C brand, offering premium, accessible baked goods. This project stands as a beacon of our innovative construction solutions and our commitment to excellence in the bakery and industrial construction sectors.

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