Project Design Plans – Part 3

This post is part of our three part series on Project Design Plans. Catch up on the first two articles below


After you’ve found the perfect spot for your restaurant and signed the lease, it can be a truly exciting time for the team. This is the stage where ideas are finally shaping into realities, and you can start to see exactly where it’s all heading. The searching process can be exhausting enough as it is, but securing the perfect location can make you feel halfway there. All of the scouting, negotiating, and leasing paperwork is behind you, and you’re ready to see your restaurant design plans through to completion.

Before you start planning the color scheme, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper permits first so you and the county are assured of your structure’s safety. In order to obtain approval, you’ll need to prepare for the submissions and budget both your time and money to fit your schedule. It’s approximately six weeks just to be able to receive the permits, otherwise known as Ready to Issue (RTI). Remember, that’s if there are no snags or problems within that period. Econstruct, Inc. is so familiar with the ins and outs that it has become second nature to think ahead about every angle of these important official certifications.


When the permits are ready, the contractor can pull them so you can start the next steps. If you aren’t working with someone who knows what they’re doing, you can easily spend up to a year fighting with developers and being sent back to redo forms, which will still need to go through the submission stages again before being finalized. Econstruct, Inc. can advise you of the best ways to go, depending on your timeline of getting your restaurant design up and running. You can pay an additional fee to get your permits rushed through in about two weeks, which can be an extremely practical investment, considering you’re still paying rent on the building as you go through the many procedures. This can also be a smart move on your part in the timing of your opening to the public.

Econstruct’s project design plans cover you through every stage of development. They will assist you from beginning to end so you don’t waste your limited resources. Twenty years of experience in taking on projects of every kind, be it brand new buildings or existing structures, means they have both an impeccable track record of success as well as the working relationships needed when dealing with city employees and officials. There is every reason to choose Econstruct, Inc. at the very beginning so you don’t skip or miss something in vast sea of rules and regulations in building construction.