Project Design Plans – Part 2

Developing and building the restaurant of your dreams requires a plan of action before the bidding process. Project plans determine the actual cost and estimate of the project, so it is essential for every restaurant owner to start with a clear plan and goal before discussing the costs. By starting with a clear plan, you will get an accurate bid and will not face unexpected expenses throughout the construction project.


Although you are working with a construction professional to create the restaurant of your dreams, a project plan is essential. Without a plan, the commercial contractor does not know where to start or what you want before the project begins. As a result, he bids low and then realizes at a later date that the project will not work out according to the bid. When the restaurant owner does not provide a clear direction at the start, it becomes difficult to stay within a set budget.

A project plan provides the first step in creating a restaurant that meets your expectations without exceeding your budget. It also ensures that you are getting an accurate bid from the construction company so that the progress on building the restaurant does not stop halfway through.


Creating a project plan before the bidding begins provides a chance to obtain clear advantages over other restaurants without giving up on personal goals. The primary advantages of the plan include:

  • Clear instructions about what you want from the restaurant
  • The opportunity to make adjustments before starting the project
  • Building a restaurant that matches your expectations and dreams
  • Staying within a strict budget
  • Avoiding hidden or unexpected costs
  • Maintaining steady progress on the project until it is completed

Obtaining the restaurant of your dreams requires communication. Without clear directions, the construction project will take longer than necessary, will go over your budget, and might not match the design that you expect.


Building a restaurant differs from constructing other commercial buildings because a restaurant must have a kitchen, restrooms for customers, seating areas and appropriate storage for food items. Create a project plan after considering the key factors that set the restaurant apart from other restaurants. Factors to consider include:

  • The amount of space that is available
  • Whether the restaurant will have a bar
  • The location and size of the kitchen
  • The location of the restrooms
  • The type of kitchen, such as an open or a closed kitchen
  • The number of tables

By evaluating the space and clarifying the type of restaurant before creating a plan, your project plan will become clear and concise. The commercial contractor will meet or exceed your expectations by following the plan or making recommendations for a better layout based on your specific goals.

Create the restaurant of your dreams with the right plan of action and a team of experienced food service-specific construction professionals. Evaluate your goals so that your plan will stay within a strict budget.