Looking To Remodel? Start With The Kitchen

Tired of looking at those dingy cabinets or outdated countertops? Even if your remodeling plans are motivated by personal preferences rather than attracting buyers, careful choices can give you a kitchen you love while improving the overall value of your home. Explore the best options for each part of your kitchen remodel to get up to 92 percent of your investment returned as an increase in home value.


With the recent drought, it makes sense to design a kitchen that uses less water. Low-flow faucets, grey water reclamation systems, and high-tech steam dishwashers reduce your water bills and leave more water for agriculture and other important uses. Aside, from being more water-friendly, consider cutting the energy bills for both your family and the future owners with upgrades like:

  • Refrigerators with top freezer compartments instead of side by side layouts, which cuts energy use by up to 25 percent
  • Chest freezers, since the layout keeps the cool air from spilling out when you open the door
  • Convection or induction stove tops and ovens, which cook faster and more evenly with less electricity or gas


Unless you really can’t live without that highly patterned granite slab you’ve found, stick with more neutral countertops. Investing thousands into luxury and high-end materials won’t necessarily pay off because the new buyers may not like the style you choose. Inexpensive laminates look nearly as good and give the next owner a chance to choose their own materials. Low-grade natural stones are more durable but still plain enough to appeal to a wider group of buyers.


Go for durable over impressive if you’re concerned with catching the eye of a buyer willing to pay your asking price. Tough flooring won’t show signs of wear within a few years or months, meaning your kitchen still looks brand new even when you wait five or six years to put it up on the market. Affordable and durable options include solid sheet vinyl, environmentally friendly linoleum, and floating or fixed ceramic tiles. Skip the hardwood floors since they’re more prone to denting and can’t handle spills and stains as well.


Instead of waiting weeks for the demolition and installation of brand new cabinets, try improving what you already have. You’ll spend less by using paint, stain and veneers to improve the exterior while netting a higher ROI. If your cabinets are showing serious wear and tear, a new layer of plywood on the interior adds strength and support at a very affordable price.

If all these choices still sound overwhelming to you, contact us at econstruct, Inc. for help. We’re a full-service construction company that can handle everything from design to installation. Call us today to get started on your kitchen remodel.