Feb Remodeling Projects That Will Get Your House Ready To Sell

The real estate market has rebounded in much of the country, giving more and more homeowners the freedom to move up. But before you can make an offer on that new dream home, you have to sell the one you are already in. So, what is today’s savvy buyer looking for?

High-class buyers demand a certain look and style. Worn floors and outdated lighting fixtures are not going to grab the kind of attention that you need. They could even kill a sale. So, before listing your home with a real estate professional, you may want to consider a few well-placed renovations. No matter how well-kept your home, every house can benefit from some updating whether it’s a major remodel or a few simple updates. Bring in a certified contractor to help you decide what projects will bring in buyers.


Kitchen Updates: Take a good look at your kitchen. Consider the layout. Today’s buyer is looking for an open concept kitchen that encourages entertaining. Upgrades such as marble countertops and custom cabinets are a must for the high-end buyer. Tile flooring and top of the line appliances are also vital to making a sale.

Bathroom Improvements: Small bathrooms are out. Today’s buyer expects a roomier bathroom that features modern lighting fixtures, hardware and intricate tile work. Having a master suite complete with a luxurious bathroom is a must. If your house lacks this important space, consider asking a professional contracting company to come in and create one. Expanding the master suite can offer big dividends in some neighborhoods.

Lighting Matters: Outdated lighting can really turn off buyers. Take a walk through your home and replace any outdated lighting fixtures in each room. This is a simple fix that can have a big impact on how your home shows. While he is handling other projects around your home, ask your contractor to install recessed lights and more modern (and stylish) fixtures around the house.

Landscaping: Outdoor living is all the rage these days. Adding a stone patio or deck can result in a quicker sale. Ask your contractor for ideas on how to create an appealing outdoor space that will entice buyers.


Renovations are not always easy. They take time and can be costly, and when selling your home, the odds are you do not have a lot of either. Be sure to avoid projects that will require your contractor to apply for city permits and undergo inspections. While adding a sunroom might seem like an equity building project, the time it will take to get it finished may just cost you a sale.

Also, consider prospective buyer’s needs when thinking about remodeling projects. Is your house made for a family with small children? Adding an in-ground pool may be a detriment to making a sale since they can be considered a safety hazard by many young families. However, adding sod to create a larger green space in the back that is fit for a play gym may actually help sell your home to growing family.

Other projects to avoid when selling a home include:

  • Adding unique colors, wallpapers and tile designs: The key to selling a home is keeping it as neutral as possible. Otherwise, a buyer may find it difficult to imagine living there.
  • Making your home too unique: Everyone has a different style. Making your space too unique can turn off buyers with a different style.
  • Upgrading too much: There is a point where sellers can upgrade too much, making it more difficult to sell. Your selling agent and construction company can help you decide where to draw that line for the best outcome and biggest profit.

Home buyers today know what they want and they expect sellers to give it to them. By figuring out what your local market demands, you can choose what to remodel in your home and what to leave alone. Not every renovation project results in a profit. Be sure to choose your projects wisely and ask for advice along the way. A qualified home contractor knows what projects sell houses and which ones should be left for the new homeowners to tackle.