Design-Bid VS Design-Build

Building a restaurant is an exciting undertaking, and every decision that you make concerning the construction of your restaurant will affect the eventual success of it. This is why you must carefully weigh out your options before making any final construction decisions for your establishment.

The project delivery system, or PDS, is one of these very important choices and paying special attention to this choice will help you overcome many project challenges. Your project delivery system (PDS) is the contractual structure that will determine how the finished project is produced and provided, or delivered to the owner. We will help you understand two PDS methods so that you can better understand which is right for you. The two methods are Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build.

Choosing a project delivery system is greatly dependent on the project goals, time allocation, budgeting and the existing site conditions. Concerned future restaurant owners will investigate each options for potential success or failure.


The advantages to this method are few, but we will list them here so that you can understand all of your options. Design-Bid-Build does give the owner control over design and constructions, however, this method requires that the owner already have expertise. Although design changes prior to construction are easily accommodated, later in the process this is not always the case. In design bid scenario, the owner is at risk to the contractor for design errors. A design bid plan also typically causes a longer schedule. Often owners can obtain low bid costs, but some find that the bidding process itself is very stressful.


The design build model has far more advantages for the individual looking to build a restaurant. In this method there is a single entity responsible for both design and construction. Although there is minimal owner control, when the design and construction are in the hands of a trusted professional most potential restaurant owners appreciate being able to let the professionals handle the details. A design build model is often the quickest route to realizing your restaurant ownership dreams, as design build has much quicker completion results. Although design changes after construction has begun are difficult, the method requires less or no expertise on the part of the owner. This is liberating in that you can focus on what is important to you which is getting your restaurant business plan ready for construction completion.


Once the owner has selected a delivery system, it is important that additional steps be taken to increase their chances of success. Always effectively communicate to the team members exactly what your goals and objectives are which drove the selection of the PDS. This will help them to better understand and commit to your expectations. You should also make sure that the terms and conditions of all contracts being used also reflect these goals.

There is a no such thing as a faultless PDS, but choosing a Design-Build system that meets your goals will help you avoid many of the obstacles that restaurant owners face while constructing their new restaurant facility.