6 Reasons You Should Use Econstruct For Your Home Remodel

Remodeling your home is one of those things that sounds like a manageable DIY project at first but then quickly grows out of control. Instead of trying to tear up tile and wrestling with a claw footed tub to get the bathroom of your dreams all alone, find out how hiring econstruct, Inc. will simplify the entire process from design to completion.


Unlike most remodeling companies that focus on residential projects from the beginning, econstruct has been primarily involved in the world of high-end restaurant design and building for the past few decades. Years of experience with challenging commercial kitchens makes it easy for us to apply luxurious improvements to a home on a smaller scale.


Afraid of hiring a construction company that will disappear for weeks on end and provide inaccurate estimates that leave you overspending in the end? Pick a team with experience in managing complex commercial projects to get great results. econstruct brings true project management to the table, meaning you’ll stay informed during every step of the remodel. You won’t have to deal with missing paperwork, endless excuses or unnecessary building delays.


econstruct may be located in Beverly Hills, CA, but our company’s experience in managing large scale commercial design and build projects allows us to help clients no matter where they’re located. There’s no need to settle for a local company with less experience or skill when the econstruct team is perfectly equipped for handling design and execution from almost anywhere.


Usually you have to hire an interior designer, architect and construction company separately. This means you’re paying three different fees and spending hours trying to coordinate information between the various professionals. At econstruct, all the design and architectural services are handled in-house. You save both time and money while getting results that will make your neighbors jealous. Why settle for the same old remodeling designs when you could create something breathtaking and unique instead?


Many renovation companies are wary of dealing with the local building inspectors and code enforcement officers, so they’ll simply tell you that your ideas aren’t possible to achieve. econstruct has decades of experience working with the city, so we can find ways to get nearly any idea or design approved for you.


Of course, many homeowners have no idea what they want for their remodeling project, only that they’re not happy with their current home. econstruct is happy to prepare a whole portfolio of solutions and ideas for you to consider.

Give econstruct a call today, even if you’re not convinced that you need to remodel yet. We also offer a range of other services, include our new absentee homeowner services to keep your second home like new while you’re away. Learn more on our website.