Protecting Your Investments With Absentee Homeowner Services

With so many changes in the real estate market of Los Angeles lately, it’s no wonder that most people owning second or third homes there want to hold onto their properties. Sales are slowing down as international visitors realize how valuable a vacation home in the city really is, but many of these owners are still unable to visit more than a few times a year. These homeowners could benefit from a new service econstruct is introducing: absentee homeowner services. By investing in this service, homeowners can reduce stress while enjoying a cleaner, more well-maintained home every time they visit L.A.

What Is An Absentee Homeowner Service?

If you’re new to the world of second homes and seasonal lifestyles, you’ve likely never heard of absentee maintenance programs. These services are aimed at the international traveler who lives full-time in a city such as London with a second home in Los Angeles. Whether you visit only once every few years or spend nearly six months a year in your L.A. property, this kind of service can keep your vacation home feeling like new with no effort on your part.

Who Can Benefit From These Services?

Anyone with a home in California that can’t stay there year round can benefit from absentee care. These services aren’t aimed at homeowners trying to make rental income, so they’re focused on general and constant maintenance rather than repairs only when something breaks. This means you can drop in at any time and find a home ready for throwing a party or hosting business guests. Keeping a house sitter in the home for months on end can lead to wear and tear on the furniture and high costs. Absentee homeowner services are affordable and keep everything looking new.

With Absentee Homeowner Services, We'll Take Care of Your Cleaning, Landscaping and More

What Types Of Services Are Available?

When you invest in care from an experienced company, you can outsource all sorts of chores, including:

  • Gardening, landscaping and irrigation
  • Regular inspections to find leaks, storm damage and pests trying to move in
  • Repairs to keep the house in perfect shape from the roof to the foundation
  • Cleaning services to prevent dust build up
  • Testing of smoke detectors and battery replacements
  • Heating and cooling maintenance so that the thermostat is always standing ready
  • Identification of slowly growing hazards, such as frayed wiring or a dripping faucet
  • Security checks to prevent burglars from breaking in
  • Painting, gutter cleaning and the other hundreds of maintenance tasks a home needs over the years.

Why Is This Service Worth The Cost?

Consider the thousands of dollars in repairs you’ll have to pay for if a tiny roof leak ruins entire rooms. Even if you spend hundreds of dollars a year on these services and only prevent one similar incident every 12 months, you’re still saving thousands of dollars on repairs and renovations over time.

Choose econstruct, Inc.

When looking for someone to contract with for absentee homeowner services, you can trust econstruct to do it right. We work extremely well with the homeowner and make sure to take care of everything and get in touch with the right people to make sure everything is done according to the homeowner’s wishes. We don’t want you to have to worry about a thing. Overall, econstruct can relieve any stress homeowner’s could be feeling by trying to maintain a residence in a completely different country.

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