Design Build: Part 3

The design build (D/B) construction project delivery system is a building best practice. The process allows restaurant owners to open a new venue faster, and more cost efficiently, than the design-bid-build process. The entire project flows smoother because there are fewer parties involved. It is the best construction method available for restaurant owners. Experienced builders know this method produces the best outcome for owners. Econstruct, Inc. leads the design build construction delivery market in Southern California.


Construction companies use the D/B project delivery system to complete new builds. With this method, they fulfill the role of project designer and builder, and restaurant owners are not responsible for managing multiple commercial contractors and tracking who is responsible for project outcomes. Over time, this method has repeatedly delivered better results than the design-bid-build (DBB) process and in a smaller time frame. With the DBB process, a restaurant owner defines the construction specifications, solicits construction bids and hires a firm to build the structure. The D/B process allows restaurant owners to bypass many steps, open their doors faster and reach their break-even point sooner.

Design Build methods offer simplicity in what could otherwise be a very complex project. When the owner has a single point of contact for construction and design of their projects, there is less confusion. The other significant feature is that there is less stress on the owner as the risk for design errors is shifted to the contractor rather than the owner.

Another significant bonus is that the design build model saves much time. With fewer people involved, there is less time wasted in confusing communication between parties. Researches on Selecting Project Delivery Systems by Victor Sanvido and Mark Konchar of Pennsylvania State University found that design–build projects are delivered 33.5% faster than projects that are designed and built under separate contracts (design-bid-build). The fact that fewer people are involved is significant in that historically this is not the way construction projects have been handled. In the past, the owner was dealing with many people on many different levels working on many different aspects of the construction project. This contributed to confusion, and eventually a slower schedule. Sanvido and Konchar also showed that design–build projects are constructed 12% faster* and have a unit cost that is 6.1% lower than design-bid-build projects. Design build models have attempted to alleviate some of this confusion and take some of this stress off of the owner so that the owner can think about other aspects of their business or building project.


D/B streamlines the new construction process. With the design team and construction build managed by one firm, the collaborative effort results in project completion on schedule and to specifications. Using a D/B commercial contractor also eliminates misunderstandings as to who is responsible for project details — which can result in litigation — and more positive outcomes for restaurant owners. In addition, restaurant owners, who utilize D/B construction firms, can bypass the entire bidding process, saving precious time.


econstruct is Southern California’s premier restaurant builder. We have successfully raised new restaurants for over 30 years. This experience is what makes econstruct the best choice for your new restaurant. Our experienced, skilled in-house designers can develop your concept into the intended result and help you avoid construction pitfalls with our knowledge of proven building techniques. It is our mission to provide you with precision builds on time and within budget.

econstruct is your best option for new restaurant projects. We are a local design and construction firm that specializes in new eatery construction, total renovations and additions. econstruct can design complete establishments or execute partial renovations, such as floor arrangements and equipment layouts, and can also help you negotiate with city licensing officials. econstruct understands the D/B project delivery method is the fastest way to get a restaurant up and running. By hiring us to design and build your new restaurant, your entire project becomes seamless and simplified. Our repeat clients are a testimony to our unparalleled service.

The design build process combines the services of two providers, the designer and builder, under one company. It is today’s best practice building method. D/B project delivery saves new restaurant owners time and money. econstruct is Southern California’s principal D/B project delivery service provider.